The Ministry of Defense

About the client

The Ministry of Defense defends the Netherlands, its (economic) interests and friendly countries. They stand up for others and provide support during disasters. In this way Defense contributes to peace, freedom and security in the world.

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Our contribution

A young professional made the Digi Purchasing platform transparent and investigated where the bottlenecks were. Based on this, the young professional came up with an improvement proposal.

A consultant has also filled the position of Head of the Brasserskade Service Desk at the Defense facilities company in The Hague. This consultant was responsible for the establishment of the local service desk and the establishment of facility services on location. She had a managerial position and also acted as an event manager and policy supporter in the field of facilities.

In addition, a young professional contributed to the professionalization of the national Facility Contact Center as a Project Officer at the Ministry of Defense in The Hague. Additionally, an inventory of the standardization of the 43 local service desks was made. The necessary recommendation reports have been submitted for this.

Finally, a young professional as Junior Project Manager helped the Ministry of Defense in Utrecht by providing regional and national IST and recommendation reports. The subject of these was: customization versus standardization of the Service Desk services.


Minister Van Defensie