A Facility Management approach to realising the Sustainable Development Goals

Ifmec presents the first renewed version of the living document: ‘A Facility Management approach to realising the Sustainability Development Goals’. This brochure is a living document because it grows stronger by adding more and more good cases and sharing the knowledge behind the examples in the research programme of Ifmec. This version is the second release.

This brochure translates the strategic United Nations’ 17 Sustainability Goals into operational best practices. The illustrated examples serve as inspiration to those who are seeking for opportunities to implement the SDG’s. To a large extent these goals and their execution are related to the advanced content of Facility Management. Facility Management can be interpreted as an operational discipline making production in organisations possible.

The brochure is a living document. If you think your companies best practice should be elaborated in this brochure, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Join our project and state your interest to ifmec@ifmec.nl.

About Ifmec

Ifmec is the International Facility Management Expert Centre focused on the education of Young and Senior FM professionals by developing best practices.